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Because we are apparently on the best crack ever.

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Welcome to sailorjon, your number one source for the best crack ever. This is (you guessed it) a community based on The Daily Show with the anime Sailormoon. It stemmed from a cute little post on the tds_rps comm and it grew into this huge monster that cannot be stopped whatsoever. With drawings and photo manips, songs and magical attacks, fics and squeeage, this little stop in your search for Daily Show-esque things will do one of two things to you: make you die, or make you die a lot. Either which way, you're gonna have a pretty strong reaction to this.

If you don't happen to like this, where it makes you go "wtf" in a bad way, please don't join and harass us. We don't want any trolls. We're just a bunch of crazy fangirls that are keeping to ourselves. :)

Wanna join up on the crack cocaine fun? Then please join! Don't worry if you have no clue about Sailormoon. There's a lot of fans here who will educate you happily. So join in and remember... in the name of all that is good, Sailor Jon will punish you!

Rule 1: Have fun!
We're all here to basically have fun. That's the whole basis of the comm. That and share around whatever the mods are smoking.
Rule 2: Don't troll.
Pretty basic, we know, but there are people out there that will not understand that is for fun, and will try and ruin it for us. So if there is any troll activity, and you happen to be this troll, then you're out, without question.
We make pics. We write fics. We have a theme song and we have a community. All we need now is icons and GIFs of the attacks and live action short films and by god it'll show how insane we really are. But seriously, go wild with this. Get creative!
Rule 4: Disclaim the SOB.
We know that Sailormoon and The Daily Show don't belong to us, but we still have to cover our asses. I know, such a pain, but whaddayagonnado?
Rule 5: LJ-Cuts are your friend.
Fics and pics go under LJ-Cuts because we don't want them to clutter up people's friends lists. :O Fake cuts rule too.

That's it for now!
Idea for these rules stemmed from tcr_fps.

Under construction! <3
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